Jerry S.H. Lee Lab

Mayada Aljehani, DrPH

Cancer Epidemiologist
(Lee/Matasci Lab)

Laura Cao

Undergraduate Researcher
(Lee/Matasci Lab)

Dylan DePuy

Undergraduate Researcher

Carolina Garri, PhD

Staff Scientist

Kate Guion

Undergraduate Researcher

Bethany Haliday

Research Lab Technician

Edwin Heredia, PhD

Artificial Intelligence Staff Scientist

Gavin Kress

Clinical Data Specialist | Communications Specialist

Naim Matasci, PhD

Director of Bioinformatics & Computational Biology

Yasaman Moradi 

PhD Graduate Student (Armani/Lee Lab)

Fakhar Singhera

PhD Graduate Student

Kylie Trettner 

PhD Graduate Student (Armani/Lee Lab)

Nolan Ung, PhD

Senior Data Analyst

Maryann Vogelsang, PhD

Director of Strategic Scientific Initiatives

Greg Zapotoczny, PhD

Staff Scientist
Lee Lab Photos with Collaborators
The June issue of @CR_AACR is now online, featuring an unlocked article by the #EllisonInstitute's @AnnaBarker20 and @JLeePSOC, "Translating Big Data in Oncology for Clinical Benefit: Progress or Paralysis".

Looking forward to highlighting a few "tech transfer lessons learned" from COVID19 that accelerated innovation & possible paths forward to maintain momentum w/o sacrificing safety.

#nervous #excited #ScienceTwitter
For those not attending, @jleePSOC, Eric Diebold, and I discussed some of the general concepts in this pair of comments:
10 yrs of surviving cancer 💙🙏💪💙

Cancer has its ⬆️ & ⬇️ but I have learned who I am a result of what I have gone through & have a job I love helping others and so today I celebrate life! #cancer #10years #crcsm #colorectalcancer #cancersurvivor #CancerAwareness #ayacsm
Excited to see @HESI_Global executive director @p_syril kick off our first in-person annual meeting (😷). Glad to continue to serve as board of trustee to advance #scienceforasafermoresustainableworld #convene #translate #protect #opendata #publicprivatepartnerships