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Join us at SLAS 2022 for a great discussion on high content screening and analysis led by Dr. Beth Cimini from the Broad Institute. https://t.co/ceJ5ys1y8q

⭐ This weeks top 5 articles ⭐

#2: Imaging-Based Machine Learning Analysis of Patient-Derived Tumor Organoid Drug Response

👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️ Erin R. Spiller, @DrUngPhD et al.

Read now 👉 https://t.co/TN3ppS4lEc

@MumenthalerLab @UscEllison @USC @UCSanDiego @uscnorris #Imaging #Oncology https://t.co/sAwHQD4Pcl

@AnnaBarker20 of the @UscEllison chairing a panel discussing the future of #CancerResearch at the @NixonLibrary cancer conference celebrating 50 years of the national cancer act #innovate #forpatientbenefit glad to be here with @MumenthalerLab & @nmatasci https://t.co/7hEqwKXNew

Congratulations to #EllisonInstitute & #USC graduate student Carly Strelez for passing her dissertation defense and earning her PhD in Cancer Biology today! @MumenthalerLab @DavidAgus @USCPIBBS @KECKSchool_USC https://t.co/eCC24voX0B

During a panel discussion for session 3 of #NCICSBC2021, #NCICSBC investigators are sharing their views on building collaborations and using #systemsbiology to examine the tumor microenvironment and metastasis. https://t.co/k4V3GEVlFy